What is veganic farming about, anyway?

What is veganic farming/gardening? In many ways, veganic growing is an extension of the ethic of veganism, which typically seeks to remove animal inputs from all human consumption. Veganic farming adds an aspect of respect for animal life with regard to the cultivation and harvest of plants for food. Many consumers may not realize, but even fruits and vegetables can have an animal byproduct or component heavily involved in their production. For organic farming, the use of manure as a concentrated source of fertilizer is common. Bone meal and blood meal, both the products of factory farming of animals, are commonly recognized sources of plant nutrients all-too-often used in organic agriculture.

Veganic growing seeks to avoid all of these in the raising of plants. After all, plants coexisted with each other for millions of years before animals appeared on this planet. Clearly, they can survive and even thrive quite contentedly without any animal-product inputs. The most critical nutrient for plant growth, Nitrogen, can only be produced by plants, and the secondary and tertiary macro-nutrients required are minerals of the Earth.

Do plants feel 'pain'? Probably, based on the available scientific evidence. However, this argument actually works against the meat-eater (unless one has discovered a way to repeal the law of conservation of energy OR created an edible being that derives none of its sustenance from plant matter). On the other hand, fruiting-plants (which constitute the vast majority of what human animals consume) have evolved specifically to entice animal parasitism as a method of seed dispersal. As such, it's entirely probable that these plants experience what we would anthropomorphically refer to as sexual 'pleasure' (as opposed to 'pain') from the removal of their fruits. Unfortunately, we'll likely never know, as our best measures of plant 'happiness' or 'pain' are greatly limited. In contrast, animals killed for food make it abundantly clear that they detest pain and suffering while struggling to live just as we do.